Booking Policy for our Models and Talent

Coverage areas

TMT books talent in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Syracuse NY and Albany NY and most areas in between.


TMT Talent may be booked by the hour (2 hr minimum), by the 1/2 day or by the full day depending on the assignment.

Day- and Half-day Rates

A Talent day rate must be agreed upon in advance of the booking and can not be converted from hourly to day during the booking. A full day rate includes eight consecutive hours of the talent's time including lunch. This rate must be paid even if the talent is not used the full eight hours. A predetermined over-time rate will be charged after eight hours. A Half day rate includes four consecutive hours of the talent's time. This rate must be paid even if the talent isn't used the full four hours. Day or half day bookings consist of four or eight consecutive hours between 8:00 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Travel fees

Talent required to travel over 1 hr could require additional travel fees. These fees can increase incrementally and also include overnight accommodations depending on distance, Talent call time and length of shoot.

Lingerie & Swimwear

Swimwear & intimate apparel including sips, bras, girdles, camisoles, teddies and swimwear are double rate.


$75/hr (1 hr min) unless other specified by the agency.

Consumer packages, Billboards, POP, WEB

All usage MUST be disclosed at the time of booking. Talent is paid the regular hourly rate, half day rate or day rate plus a previously agreed upon usage payment.


Confirmed bookings that are cancelled are subject to the following fees:

  • within two business days is 1/4 of rate plus AF
  • within one business day is 1/2 plus AF
  • on day of booking - full payment required

"Weather Permitting" Cancellations

There will be no charge if the talent is notified before leaving for the assignment and the same talent is booked for the re-shoot. "Weather permitting" shoots must be designated at the time of booking.


Auditions are permitted at no charge.

Casting Rooms

TMT on line Casting Rooms are created at no charge

Client Photo Releases

Talent will sign the client's photo release for a previously agreed upon usage only upon completion of the assignment. A signature on an agency supplied voucher is also required. Photos are released for one year only unless otherwise negotiated, for a specified client designated at the time of the booking. If the photo is to be used beyond the anniversary date, it will have to be re-negotiated and approved through TMT Models and Talent.

Talent Images

Talent Images can't be used until invoice is paid in full.


All TMT Invoices are NET 30. All invoices over 60 days are subject to a 10% service fee.

Note: An agency service fee is added to quotes for ALL ASSIGNMENTS. ALL TALENT FEES MUST BE PAYABLE THROUGH TMT MODELS AND TALENT, ALL Talent are Independent Contractors and not employees of TMT Models and Talent.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the TMT Model Booking fees. 315 409-8805 tamarasmodelsandtalent@gmail.com